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Our story 

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B&M MFG. INC. was opened in 1983 by Bruno and Monica Buzinskis, hence the name "B&M." Bruno started his career building extrusion dies and eventually took a job in the die shop at Reflectolite. After several years of building notch and pierce dies and simple progressive dies, Bruno ventured out on his own and started Data Tool with his buddy John. With his strong work ethic and impeccable craftmanship it became clear a partnership was not working out and he started B&M Mfg. Inc. 

In 1988, a young man, David Shier Jr, began dating his daughter and Bruno offered him an apprenticeship learning the trade. Working part time while going to college, David starting learning everything Bruno had to offer and took B&M to the next level. More complex progressive dies and tooling, die protection, and automation became part of the design process.

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In 2005, Bruno retired, and passed the business on to David and his daughter Leah. In a few short years they doubled the growth of the business. Adding a CNC mill to the operation and expanding to 2 facilities in a business complex, furthering the growth of the business.

In 2017 the third generation, David Shier III went to college for a business management degree and worked part time at the shop. Throughout the process he became interested in the family business and manufacturing as a whole, focusing more on CNC machining and advancements in tooling. By graduation David saw that it was time for B&M to grow further, and he wanted to be a part of that push. He started working full time and building up the CNC machining side of the business. David wanted to compete and urged for a second mill that could take better advantage of modern tooling and high-performance tool paths, pushing the machine faster than what many of the old timers of the trade have seen. 

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